I'm not worried about a Trump indictment. I am worried about a Trump acquittal.
Memorial University is making news, for all the wrong reasons.
We have our scapegoat for the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, despite him never having worked for Silicon Valley Bank.
One-party states don't work, and American cities prove it.
Politically motivated cancellation vs. dumbass Nazi analogies. Choose your fighter.
It's not just the Liberal Party of Canada which is being influenced by Beijing.
Some stuff I wrote but never posted...until now.
A few (very) short notes from the road.
How Russian propaganda gets around sanctions - and why it is sometimes worth watching.
Many "cancellations" go too far, but Scott Adams has no one to blame but himself.

February 2023

Not as long as the Chinese Communist Party is in power, at least.
And it's spreading to Twitter historians, apparently.