When I was in high school (circa 1982 or so) I straddled the college prep side with the shop side, and many of my friends were on the "shop" track.

In the late 70's there were a LOT of muscle cars that had relatively low miles that were sold for peanuts because, frankly, they sucked to drive, and they guzzled gasoline.

One friend, who was a shop kid, bought a 69 (I think) with the 4 speed and the 429 Cobra Jet motor. He didn't have his license so I was drafted to pick it up and take it to the shop.

For the first half dozen stop/starts (lights, stopsigns, etc) I could only get it going with a LOT of clutch feathering.

Then once I actually got it into first gear instead of third (the dogs were seriously worn out in the transmission) and HOLEE SHEEIT, that thing laid rubber for about 200 yards without trying. I was terrified, but my friend was ecstatic.

He completely rebuilt it, and tuned the motor up. It was a beast at Baylands Raceway, our local drag strip.

That was one wild car, and I think he paid like $500 for it. Crazy times!

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I've never twittered or facebooked or instagrammed in my life and I never intend to. I thought at their inception and still think they are puerile abominations.

Since I had no hand in making that online social media world I can enjoy the satisfaction of every Luddite in being able to say "I told you so".

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