So much for "silence is violence"

"The Squad" keeps quiet when American Jews are attacked.

If only there was a way to blame Sarah Palin for this:

Unfortunately, that is just one of several blatantly antisemitic hate crimes, many captured on video and even shared by the perpetrators on social media, since hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians flared up. Allahpundit compiles several of them in New York City alone:

AOC, who has slammed Israel repeatedly on her social media accounts, represents a district in New York City. Here is everything she’s tweeted about a surge of hate crimes directed at Jews in her own backyard:

Not a word yet from Rashida Tliab, who accidentally finds herself associating with rabid antisemites almost as often as Jeremy Corbyn, either. Ayanna Presley? Nada. The only member of The Squadᵀᴹ who’s spoken up is Ilhan Omar:

One tweet from four members of The Squad. Give her a medal, I guess. There’s also nary a word about anti-Jewish violence from her fellow Minnesotan, rabid Israel critic Betty McCollum, who has several tweets denouncing hate crimes against Asians. BLM activist turned Congressperson Cori Bush? Nothing.

The same people who’ve adopted “silence is violence” and “silence is complicity” as mottos have decided hate crimes against Jews in the streets of America isn’t worth talking about.

I’ll just leave this AOC tweet here:

They are still coming for the Jews, AOC. And you haven’t spoken up.